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Waterproof paint construction process


Waterproof paint construction process

    Waterproof engineering is a technical and high-standard waterproof material reprocessing process. Therefore, it must be constructed by a professional and professional waterproof construction team trained by professional technical training, familiar with the construction specifications and performance characteristics of water-proof materials and applicable scope. Meticulous and meticulous operation to ensure the quality of the project.

1. First stir, put a certain amount of liquid material into the container, then slowly add the powder to the container, and then stir well for 3-5 minutes until the paint in the container is formed. A uniform slurry of green powder and granules can be used.

2. After the waterproof coating is adjusted, it is necessary to start Waterproof Paint For Concrete. To brush with a clean brush or roller brush on the base surface, the brushing force should be uniform and cannot be missed. The basic situation is to brush 2 times, but it should be based on the actual situation. And for each layer brushing thickness can not exceed 1 mm, should pay attention to the first brushing, to dry before the second brushing. The total thickness of the two paintings is generally 1-2 mm.

3. After curing, it is necessary to carry out curing. After 24 hours of painting, use a spray to spray water on the coating or wet cloth to cover the coating for curing.

4. After construction, the Waterproof Paint For Basement must be fully dry before it can be stamped on it. It is forbidden to sprinkle water, stamped on it, or expose to sunlight before it is dried. It is also not possible to use a sharp object to scratch the waterproof coating and to protect it.

5. The final step is to close the water test, put a certain amount of water in the bathroom, and wait for 24 hours to see if there is any leakage.

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